Justin Flames

month of February
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2005-02-07 12:13:37 (UTC)


listening to trance
with a friend

playing a game
separate yet still here...
I'm still feeling
the shame
and the fear

He has the controller
I'm content watching

robert miles playing
it's the original
my head is still full
why does this always end differently

2nd track
memories still come back
same song
it's a remix
same artist
still my head
still in a mix

hate to use the word systematic
it rhymes
makes no sense sometimes
annoying are such lines

children is the song
techno, no words
none to steer you wrong
I need words, sorry to say that
not what you wanted to hear

first time I heard this
didn't care to miss
the synthesizers
hitting the notes to catch my bliss
forget the rest
that part is the best

the bass is my heart...
still beating
and bleeding
it has a murmur
and the past
to reconsider

I used to like breathing
-reminded me I was still here

snow falling on a calm winter night
open the window
one window
open the screen
let it all inside me
smell the air
breathe deep
because I can't weep

where do you go
when you can't heal

where do you go
when you can't escape yourself

I would walk a thousand miles for you
do anything
as long as it would be true
and I could forget this place..
everything I'm going through

He's sitting on his bed, playing a game
while I sit here and type
in a trance, all the same
he doesn't know
what is truly going on
I could stay
or tomorrow be gone
--in any sense
it becomes immense

drama aside
I haven't lied
or denied these feelings
have always tried..

to break away inside
resist the want
..to hide

I fear success
not the future
now it is much less..
than I planned

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