Ozzie wannabe's
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2005-02-07 12:01:01 (UTC)

I was afraid, I was very afraid!!!!!!!!!

Well, Friday night was pretty quiet for me. I stayed in, I
think Liz did too but Su and Mands went to see leeds
rhino,s play with their fellas!! Saturady night, however,
said I would drive ( you all know I ' just a daft sober as
I am drunk!!) so Myself, Su and Mands went to Headingly
a few before hitting Fab Cafe! Trio's was too busy so we
left, We had a couple in the Arc then wen to the Box.
there was some very nice men in there, I have to say!
I'm checking out the talent Mands and Su spot
a.........wait for it....... Leeds Rhino player so they
wanted to go and see if there were any more. We wne t ans
stood near them (what groupies!!!!) and the began talking
to us (initially because my t-shirt said porn star on
it..... will wear that again....soon!!) Well, mandy took
hesitation in tearing poor Keith Senior to absolute
she slapped him on the head TWICE before sticking a tampon
in his pint!!!!! He was a real scream! Whilst all this is
going on a HUGE guy from Fiji ( I think his name was semi-
I didn't want to ask why!!!!!) completely man handle me!
wad about 6 foot 4 with a 3 inch afro on top of that and
was built like a brick shit house! he would not leave me
alone! I was petrified- Ever seen me quiet... really quiet-

well that was me on saturday night!!!!!!!!! Love
you guys!!!! xx

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