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2005-02-07 11:39:34 (UTC)

Sleep Avoidance

My goodness, is there not a time when I can't have a
million thoughts running through my mind at one time and
just give me the opportunity of a peacefuls nights
slumber. Sleep never evaded me in Dallas, but yet I find
the unrested spirit here in this land by the lake.
Let me dream of the man I want coming to me and actually
saying let me take care of you, to fall asleep in his
arms, on his chest and take in everything that he is. As
the sweet dreams of sleep elude me it brings back to the
harsh reality that I may never find that one person again,
mayne you glanced at him across a room, maybe you were
both with the wrong person at the wrong time. What a
facade life brings itself to be. Here I find myself,
attractive and yet trying to perfect myself for me alone,
for myslef alone I choose to see perfection once again in
the mirror. Tastes may very but how I long to yet again
taste the nectar of of come hither looks and the wanting
and yearning of the human soul. To be drawn to someone
else's magnatesim and feel their full gravatational pull
they have over you. A single word does not have to be
spoken for you to communicate, just look and I will
understand your needs. Let me dance in the presence of the
light and moon, to give my spirit totally to the one who
will take me in a single breath.
Sleep avoidance, escapism, nocturnal wanderings, and a
restless heart. Please bring peace in the form of someone
I can love and be loved in return. For this is the prayer
of Kismet and internal yearnings.

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