How Do I Tell Them...
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2005-02-07 08:23:13 (UTC)

Work is cool...

I started working at the before/after school care today at a
bright and early 7:15am until 9:15am and well i quite
enjoyed myself to be honest. I had 3 girls to look after, as
well as Louise's(coordinator) two children Gemma (11) and
Sam (6).

They are the most beautiful girls, i swear. So easy to look
after and watch over. There was this one girl, Maddie who
was a bit of a chubba and she was so loud and outgoing and
very intent on finishing a 300 word puzzle, but after about
20 minutes she got over it and started to play with the
dinosaurs and things like that so im thinking she is a
tomboy or she has brothers, something like that.

Then there was Grace who was the most adorable tiny thing i
have ever seen. She is outspoken and already knew Gabbie so
that made things a bit easier for them all. Gabrielle or
Gabbie as she likes to be called every now and again had a
fall today and the poor things face just screwed up and i
thought i was going to have to deal with a crying child, but
she was so gorgeous and got up after a few words and started
to tell me about her pet cats, one died, one ran away and
one is still at home lol i cant believe i remember that but
thats pretty cool.

I was thinking of going and finding some books on horses and
cats for Grace and Gabbie, and finding some smaller puzzles
for Maddie that wont cost me a fortune or some books on
dinosaurs for her as well. That way, we can get them to sit
down and listen to stories and reading books for themselves
about the animals.

Other than that i went to the doctors today and got my test
results back. I have low iron and one of my hormones is a
little low but not abnormal so in about 2 months the doctor
wants me to get retested for them all. So im fine on that
front, but if anything abnormal happens over the course of
the next few months then i will have to get tested for other
things... we'll see what the doc says.

Other than that, its only a week until i get to go and pick
my angel up from the airport. I love her so much, I am so in
love with her and i so cant wait to see her!!! I'm excited
and i cant wait to hold her, kiss her, make love to her,
make her scream and just do everything to her lol. I LOVE

Anyhoo i better go and eat something for of
joys yummy yummy mmmmmmmm pasta and tuna thingy...mmmmmm.
Well everyone have a great time today/ to yas