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2005-02-07 06:07:34 (UTC)

sucky sundays

sundays are the worst all sundays are is the day before you
start the new week of school. school sucks high school
sucks today i went to my friends church for super bowl
sunday it was kind of boring all they did was play halo the
video game and sit around and talked but what sucked the
most was they were all talking but no one was talking to me
i was basically sitting on a bench by self. today was one
of those days that are really bad and you feel like shit
all day long but you dont know why or you cant think of a
reason why you feel like shit so you start thinking about
your life and everything around and then you realize that
your not happy with your life as you used to be i dont know
about every one else but i seem to have those days a lot
and they suck because insteed of being happy that your not
in school or not stuck at home doing chores but your
actually out with friends trying to have a good time but
you cant because because you to busy feeling like shit. i
can never seem to go threw one day being happy all the time
theres always that minute or hour or so that i just cant be
happy and i always worry about things things i shouldnt be
worrying about at my age. maybe i need to get out and fun
and not think of doing anything but having fun. i could
really use a day like that every once in a while but for
now i guess i will just have to wait untill tommarrow to go
to school and forget about these shity days i have. they
almost seem like a dream that i never wake up from well i
guess since this day is practically over i will go and get
some sleep and tommarrow maybe will be a better day

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