2005-02-07 05:47:36 (UTC)


This is a Journal writing for most of my friends. This is
just s short summary of my life, so people know a little
about me.

I was born on September 5, 1984, in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
For the first part of my life my parents were together and
happy, but my dad got involved with drinking and became an
alcoholic. My dad was always yelling never doing anything
right with his life. My parents both smoke which didnt
help anything else out at all. Finally, my mom and dad got
a divorce. Which yet may have been the best thing for both
of them and me and my sister. For me, nothing was ever
right for me. I always wanted a family that was happy. My
mom, sister, and I were always moving. I attended 6
different Elementary Schools while living with my mom, I
was a great student at the least to say, I maintained an A-
B grades with just me doing all the work. At the age of 11
or 12, my mother gave me a choice to either stay with her
or go with my dad. I chose my dad only because the fact
that I didnt want to move anymore. Well it seemed to be a
good choice, but it didnt work out for me. Instead of
being a good student, I became a bad student, never doing
homework, always out playing instead of doing what was
right. My dad finally quit drinking and straightened his
life out. In high school, I found the most trouble. Kids
didnt like me, I was always going out on my own, doing my
own thing. I tried out for Baseball my Froshman year, but
flunked off. I was on the bowling team my Froshman,
Sophomore, Junior, and Senior year. Without Bowling in
high school, I most likely would not have graduated. I
made tons of friends through bowling. And with the least
to say, most of my friends were either from the bowling
team, bowling teams that we bowled against, and guys that I
played baseball with at Georgetown Little League. I
graduated from R.N. Snider High School in 2003 with a G.P.A
of 2.2, I scored a 970 on my SAT and am currently attending
Ivy Tech State College. In November of 2003, my
Grandfather passed away of Cancer after a 5 year fight. He
also was a smoker, just like my Father and Mother still
are. I have a sister and a stet-brother. My sister is
currently pregnant with twins both boys at the age of 17
and my step-brother is 10. After my Grandfathers death, I
decided to do things that he gave advice to me on. I
started going to church. I am currently going to Blackhawk
Christian Ministries. I attend just about every Christian
Concert that is held at the Memorial Coliseum. I am
staying in school to finish my College degree. My life has
changed dramatically from when I was a child. Most of that
has to do with the inlfluence of my Grandfather, who gave
me great advice in my later years.
I live me life as a Christian and I am very proud of it. I
am not dating anybody, during my life I didnt get the
chance to date very many people, some may have to do with
being my fault and some to others. From my point of view,
I think some girls just view me as a great friend, because
I'm a great listener, some may think that I'm not cute for
their being. Whatever the reason is it doesnt matter,
because one day, something will happen and I will be very
proud of it.

~Joshua Ryan~