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2005-02-07 03:58:14 (UTC)

In Winifred's house

Today is 29/12 in Lunar New Year ar~ haha~
And then I went to Winifred's house to do our EPA
project...wakaka~ I arrive her home at around
8:45am...early... Winifred said...So she brushes her
teeth, then start to do project la~At around 9:15, her
mummy said that she needs to go out and she will meet us
at 10 in the "hospital" the clinic...So she went out lo~
at 9:30, we need to go out la~ but winifred not yet change
her clothes...and I am playing msn in her account ar!
haha~And then she changes her clothes with her fastest
speed, but however, we go out at 9:40...haha~ and then we
go go go...arrive the clinic and then I read books and
then wait wait wait , wait so long time ar...

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