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2005-02-07 02:20:53 (UTC)

Sweetheart Ball

Feb. 6,2005
i found the perfect dress, well almost. it doesn't zip up
all the way but my mom was going to fix it until i found
out that tory can't go. well i still want to go, so what
am i supposed to do? sit home and do nothing while
everyone else is having fun, not me. i still want to go
and i bring up going with someone else to the dance. boy
does tory have a fit. he says that we will be done if i
go. well ya its not his fault, but i can't help it that i
want to go to the valentines dance. but i guess we are
going to watch a movie at his house!! so i guess that
means that he will be horny and i will have to put up with
that to. just because i don't know what happens doesn't
mean that he has to get irrate about it. he is so set on
ending it because i even had the thought that i wanted to
go without him. jordan's not going to the dance because he
never has a good time. I WANT TO GO!!!!