life as it is
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2005-02-07 01:53:04 (UTC)


im bored and craby and i dont know why... work really sucks
right now bc its all about the drama to people these days.
hmm... i want a guy who can be good to me. how hard is that
for real?... people here in missouri are nothing like that-
or i havent met anyone like that... i wanna go away-- i got
a college letter the other day-- i was excited.. actaully
i got 4 of them- one from bradley university in peroria
illinois, miami university, one from some where in south
carolina, and another from iowa. so i guess i have some
choices to get outta here...
im tired- but not ready to go to bed.
im bored- but not wanting to do anything.
im hungry- but i dont wanna eat.
jease what is wrong with me?? theres so much crap in my
my really good friend, josh, well old friend, started
dating this girl amber. i supported him because hes usually
good at making good decisions. well he started not talking
to me and acting all wierd and stuff. i really didnt know
why but at that point i didnt care. well- then i got a
phone call.. lets see.. yea yesterday right after i woke up-
- like 1 or so. i didnt feel like talkin so ilet it go to
voice mail and it was josh. that suprised me a little cuz
he has stayed the night at her house so yea.. well then i
got a voice mail. i listened to it and it was some crazy
biotch yelling.. "Kaytlinn- if you ever call or talk to
josh again i will beat the fuck out of you bitch!" well im
not one to take shit from anyone at all.. so i did my
research-- i thought it was amber but then i find out it
was her... MOTHER!!! her crack headed mother is
threatening me-- his friend-- and amber and him were only
together for a week! wtf!
well i told my mom and she was pissed and decided she was
gonna beat the bitche's ass... her fault if she wakes up
in the hospital.. thatll teach her to mess with a
protective mommys kid.
i told josh never to talk to me again bc he has changed for
the worse and.. in the nicest way possible- fuck off...
hmm... still bored...
-- Kaytlinn

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