Autum's Leaves
2005-02-07 00:06:22 (UTC)

No SuperBowl

Instead I went shopping. And bought a really cute green
sweater that I'm wearing to school tomorrow. I found the
nicest pair of black pants ever. They're so cute and I put
them on hold. Hopefully I'll get my money soon enough to
get them.

My last job owes me $60 and my ex owes me $20, so I figure
that ought to cover a 20 dollar pair of pants.

So, just catchin up. No super bowl for me, no party or
anything. Instead of deal with a bunch of drunk people all
screaming at the televison, I do something productive.
Besides, I don't have TV, well, I have a 36" TV, but no
cable, or dish or anything else and we don't get any local
channels with rabbit ears.

I live in a hole. In NC. It's terrible.

Regardless, I'm going for the Eagles, because the Patriots
annoy me and they won last year against the Panthers. Not
like I'm a Panthers fan or anything though.

Enjoy the night life.

I'm enjoying my tea.