Elizabeth M.
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2005-02-06 23:03:58 (UTC)

Talking to an old friend

Mark and I haven't spoken to each other in about 3 days
again. He is upset at me because I took a picture of him
and his ex and crumbled it up and tossed it behind his
couch and now he can't find it. He is acting like a child,
he knows how I feel about his ex and all the shit I have
gone threw do to her. I am afraid that he had broken up
because of it. So be it. I can't believe a picture which is
on a piece of paper(copy) is more important to him than me.
He has a sick sence of right and wrong. I think that she is
back and he has allowed her to come back into his life, so
stupid of him but maybe he will learn or maybe he will
continue to get his heart cruched. I know that was
something that I would never do to him but maybe he like to
be shit on.
I was so upset about everything that I had to call my best
friend Roseann. She has known me since that 2nd grade. She
told me that life is too short to wait around for him and
that he is undesided about what he wants in life and that I
just need to do what is best for me. She had asked me to
kick him to the curb. Well not in those words. I think that
I am still going to take one step at a time. She knows me
so well that it's not even funny. She wanted to call him
and speak to him but I told her that wasn't a good idea and
he wouldn't listen to anything she had to say anyways. She
had asked me to just pack my stuff and move down to TN. I
told her that I couldn't do that right now. She kept on
telling me that he wasn't worth it and that I deserve
better than him. That he shouldn't be treating me this way
if he loved me. Sometimes the truth hurts and sometimes it
takes an outsider to make you realize that.
Kate can't stand Mark, she keeps on telling me that he is
a user and a piece of trash who treats me like shit and
that she would never put up w/that and she didn't
understand why I do. She calls him Baltimore trash. I
continue to defend him. I don't know why I do anymore, I
would have to say because I love him and want to be w/him.
Maybe I am just stupid. BUt right now I need to back away
from all this drama and deal w/ my issues.

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