My Ruined Reputation
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2005-02-06 22:40:15 (UTC)

The Art Of Pregnancy

Heh…Well it hasn’t been the best weekend, but oh well. A
little boring maybe but nothing too bad. Jasmin saw Erik
yesterday so she’s all happy and from what she said that
he said, I think he wants to go out with her which is
awesome, just he doesn’t want it to ruin their friendship,
which I can understand. The only other thing wrong with
that is that every fucking time one of my friends has got
a boyfriend(or girlfriend) this year they’ve totally
forgotten about me. I don’t really think that Jasmin would
do that, but hey, I didn’t think it would happen with
anyone else either. But then…I guess I’ll just have to
wait and see what happens. He wants her to go see his band
playing next weekend sometime and she doesn’t want to go
alone so she’s bringing me lol. It’s something to do and I
know that she doesn’t want to go by herself so ya…

And now the highlight of my day. (This doesn’t come around
too often, does it?) Well, it’s more of a not highlight
leading to a highlight…does that make sense? Who cares…
Well apparently Tammy’s at it again telling people that
I’m pregnant. Well anyone who actually knows me knows that
that’s bullshit. But the highlight: she’s most likely
pregnant AND she’s going to be moving or running away!
W00t! Here’s the conversation. It’s long but oh so
entertaining. uPEIRCEDmyHEART1 is Christina and RaInBoWs R
ShInY is me.

RaInBoWs R ShInY: what?
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: sum1 told me that tammy told them that u
were pregnant
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: and its funny because tons are saying
she is
RaInBoWs R ShInY: who’s someone and who’s them?
RaInBoWs R ShInY: I don’t know anyone named lacey
RaInBoWs R ShInY: wait though who’s 'them'
RaInBoWs R ShInY: and when did you hear this?
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: it was a while ago and i dont kno them
well there in my 4 per class and they asked if i was
friends with u and they said Tammy told them that
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: and i said no
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: and tons are sayin tammy is
RaInBoWs R ShInY: well ya I’ve heard that Tammy’s pregnant
RaInBoWs R ShInY: and also that she might move ^_^
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: i think she is tryin to put it on u
RaInBoWs R ShInY: cuz her parents found out about
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: who told u
RaInBoWs R ShInY: Lauren
RaInBoWs R ShInY: I’m telling you NEVER tell that girl
anything you don’t want going around the school
RaInBoWs R ShInY: cuz she WILL tell everyone
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: ya i kno
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: but i find it fuckin hilarious how she
told someone u were
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: i was like wtf
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: dont listen to her
RaInBoWs R ShInY: oh I know
RaInBoWs R ShInY: I mean anyone that looks at me can tell
I’m not pregnant
RaInBoWs R ShInY: I’ve been loosing weight not fucking
gaining it
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: ya i kno
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: she shouldnt be openin her legs to
RaInBoWs R ShInY: she has sex with Jon every weekend
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: he is using her to
RaInBoWs R ShInY: no shit lol
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: o well
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: her deal
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: she is such a whore now u think no one
liked her then
RaInBoWs R ShInY: haha oh I know
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: dude now u got me excvited she might be
RaInBoWs R ShInY: lol well that’s what I heard from Lauren
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: do u think she is tellin the truth?
RaInBoWs R ShInY: probly
RaInBoWs R ShInY: I hope to fucking god
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: she IS movin!!!!
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: thEx RaypeXScene: i might be..later on
in the year..
RaInBoWs R ShInY: OMG!!!!!!!!!
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: thEx RaypeXScene: if im pregnant im not
moving...im leaving....2 fuck knows where
RaInBoWs R ShInY: ok wait
RaInBoWs R ShInY: if she’s pregant she’s NOT moving?
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: thEx RaypeXScene: they dont get to
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: they dont get to kno what?
thEx RaypeXScene: that i'm pregnant..
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: they would kno if shes pregnant
RaInBoWs R ShInY: wait im confused
RaInBoWs R ShInY: please explain
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: she said her parents dont kno nething
RaInBoWs R ShInY: so then why is she moving?
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: she is leaving with someone else
RaInBoWs R ShInY: whos she leaving with? faryn?
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: idk she is runnin away
RaInBoWs R ShInY: then she gets caught by the cops and put
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: its her life
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: i might go tell her mom
RaInBoWs R ShInY: yep
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: jus to be a good person
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: she isnt headin the right way
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: it makes me sick
RaInBoWs R ShInY: oh please do!!!!!!!
RaInBoWs R ShInY: well I just want you to tell her mom so
she gets in trouble...I guess that makes me...well...not a
good person
RaInBoWs R ShInY: BUT WHO THE FUCK CARES?!?! The bitch has
made my life all the more difficult
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: so its cool
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: bah u kno what
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: let her get hurt
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: or killed
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: or w/e
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: its her life
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: she is makin the bad decision
RaInBoWs R ShInY: true..
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: im not gonna get involved in her shit
RaInBoWs R ShInY: but i still wanna see her get in trouble
RaInBoWs R ShInY: and pregnant
RaInBoWs R ShInY: with STDs
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: her parents will find her
RaInBoWs R ShInY: is she definitely preganant?
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: were talkin about TAMMYS parents here
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: almost positive and if she isn’t now she
will be if she fucks him everyweekebd WITHOUT a condom!
RaInBoWs R ShInY: does she seriously do it without a
uPEIRCEDmyHEART1: but w/e u hear i didnt tell u serisouly
i dont wanna get involved in her shit
RaInBoWs R ShInY: oh don’t worry
RaInBoWs R ShInY: i'm not Lauren

Well that's about where it ended...ya...


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