a serious side.
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2005-02-06 21:36:15 (UTC)


lol christina i had a dream and YOU were in it. i forgot
what we were doing though lol

anyway, last night sucked BAD. but it could have been a
lot worse. kay so i went to ron's house and had ONE drink.
we decided to take the bottles of alcohol. well i didnt
have my seatbelt on and i got PULLED over by highway
patrol. goddd..i was freaking out cuz there was alcohol
AND weed in the car. when he came up to the window he
asked to see my drivers license and such..all that
bs..then he told me to get out of the car. he asked a
couple of questions about suspicious shit in the car and i
just sorta lied. =/ he made me take a breathalizer test. i
fucking miracuously passed it. and he let me go.... no
ticket or anything

one of the scariest moments in my life but i kept my
composure the best i could.

then i went to edwards and got so stoned. then edward was
being a stupid pyro. it was really scary..

=/ this week sucked bad.

ive been such a dick to derek lately. but ive also been in
a bad mood. he expects to see me like everyyyyyyyyy day.
in reality, that should be normal but i have sooooo many
other things going on that i just cant fit derek in
sometimes. ahh whatever im going to go..bye.....