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2005-02-06 20:23:16 (UTC)

bad day!

im ill! i neva get ill! an neva get this ill wiv jus a
cold!! :(...jacks ad it worse tho...he ad 2 go the
docs!...poor baby! :(...that wasnt gud...i dont like
things like that hapenin! it scares me!...i rung my dad 2
get him 2 cum an b wiv me an alex an jus started cyin on
the fone so mum ad 2 talk wen he got here he
asked y i was cryin...that made me think he fort ther was
more i wasnt tellin him...hes asked me b4 if
everyfin is ok at home...which upset me!...i didnt tell
him it did tho...thers not reli nefin majorly rong at home
an a m8 asked me if my parents hit me!...not like that but
suterly...but still!! lol i was reli shoked! not pfened
tho...they were jus lukin out 4 me i fink an they were
reli sorri they fort it lol...was funi reli a
way!...he was all like 'o! sorri i shudnt av sed that'

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