pregnant hormones or mean boyfriend?
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2005-02-06 20:14:25 (UTC)

i know he's using

sat after i worked, i took our son grocery shopping while
he went to his friend's house.

he left at 200 and came home at 700. when he got home i
cooked him some dinner and he sat in front of the computer
and ate it.
he was on the couch and asleep by 800.

he woke up at 1230 and fell back to sleep at 330. he
slept until 800, was up for maybe an hour and a half, and
went back to sleep until 1230. he woke up, sat in front
of the computer until he got dressed at 230 and told me
that he was leaving.

sunday is supposed to be "family day". but he said that
he was here for the past twenty hours, and wanted to know
i thought he should stay any longer.

he told me last sunday that he would rather be at his
friends house b/c he has fun there.

he doesn't think that spending time at home with his
family is fun.

am i asking too much? he wakes at 1230 and our son and me
are usually in bed by 800 on sunday evening b/c i have to
get up so early on monday morning for work.

he's home now, he "forgot" his money...and he said he felt
bad about leaving.