2005-02-06 19:14:10 (UTC)


Today's a really boring day. I'm not doing anything
because my parents won't let me since i was out all night
on Friday. Friday was so much fun. Me and Cassie and
Shawna all got real high and drunk. I needed that to
because things have just been so shitty lately. My
boyfriend and i broke up the beginning of last week
because we always fight and he cheated on me on saturday
night. Ugh that makes me so mad. I mean im not so mad that
he cehated on me but he lied to me about where he was and
who he was with and wouldn't call me back. he says its
becasue we haven't done stuff in a while and because im a
bitch all the time. But geesums he gives me enough shit
that it evens my bitchyness out. I relaly love him though
and sometimes i definately dont show n i feel really bad.
I really want to fic things between and we're trying to.
Imean hes been better about calling me back and telling
where he is and what he's doing and im working on not
being so bitchy. I really love him and i want to be with
him more than you can imagine. he maeks so happy and i am
not happy at all without him. I've been really down
lately. Not just because of him though. I mean my parents
are always on my ass about everything. I hate how they
think that everything i do i should tell them and it
should be their business. I hate living at my house. I
can't wait until i am 18 and can leave as i please and i
don't have to come back if i don't want to. My mom is so
unbearable. all she ever does is bitch bitch bitch. And
its only to me. She never yells at any of my brothers or
my sister. I mean i've been throguh a lot more than them
yeah but she still doesn't gotta treat me like she does.
At least i get good grades in school and stay outta
trouble. I mean okay so i occasionally get high but i dont
care because sometimes its the only thing i can do to keep
myself sane. I love it. Getting ripped has got to be my
favorite thing in the whole world. I know that sounds bad
but like i said at least im goo din school and im going
somewhere with my life. I'll be able to get into just
about any college tha ti want with the grades i get. I
just can't wait until i have my own life wihtout my
parents there trying to be apart of everything. Well i
think im good for now. It feels so good to get that out.

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