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2005-02-06 18:40:33 (UTC)


Well good evening to you all... i feel like shit, although i
do feel better than i did earlier! lol
I worked all day yesturday, and then got dropped off at
Richards at about 6:30 and then proceeded to go into town
and get absolutely smashed! lol
We met up with two of richards mates, Kiaren (can't spell
that) and Charlie... (being a girl) and they were really
nice! got on with them really well! We started off at the
playhouse, and then went onto picassos and then to the hole
in the wall! i was so pissed, and felt like shit when i got
back to richards! and it really didn't help that he kept
poking me in the stomach! lol
And today i slept (kinda) till about midday, and then got
picked up from Richards at about 4:30...
I'm feeling hungover atm, i'm very tired and was strangely
cold earlier, but now i'm too hot!?! i'm odd?! lol
Oh i really want some new rocks damn it!!! richard is gonna
try and get me some before insanitorium (17th Feb @ Stubbs)
but if he can't, then i'm gonna try and get my own, which'll
be cool!
Oh when i came online, i checked my faceparty profile and
this guy had e-mailed me, saying that he'd seen me in the
Playhouse last night, and thought i was very fit or
something! i just thought it was really sweet! lol... but i
love my Richard, so he can fuck off! lol
Oh the nicotine patches are doing good, the only problem
with them is that they go kinda scummy round the edges, and
when you take them off they leave a black mark round the
edges, like when u take a plaster off etc. and also they
don't seem to like my arms for some reason?! lol the edges
don't like sticking to me?! lol but i havn't smoked since i
started wearing them! so thats good!

But anywho, i'm off now! goodnight! xxx

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