angels heart

Through my eyes..
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2005-02-06 16:26:10 (UTC)

a sunday morning..

another morning but im at home waiting for my old bf to
call so i can run over to give him some of his things that
he still has left here..its an extra long weekend for me
as mardi gras is going on and work is closed on tues and
they gave me monday off so gives me a little more free
time. Even with the man i want to be with which im not
with right now..due to needing to be home to clean up and
check mail and what not..i feel like ive neglected my
apt..hehe..otherwise ive had a great two days with my
other love..and spending time with him has been
amazing..been so happy the whole time and cant wait to get
this thing today i can head on back over. Im
still wishing this was more than over..i feel so bad that
ive let it go on as long as i have..i guess i still dont
want to hurt his feelings more than i already have..but in
the end i know im wrong..and still trying to find a way to
forgive myself..i can only hope for a little bit more
strenght but either way ive kept my new man informed of
what im doing today..i know im lying to him in the same by
not telling him what ive been doing..but in the end i
truly love him..more than i do my old bf..sad demented
person i am.