Is This What It's All About ?
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2005-02-06 16:15:55 (UTC)


Well I believe I am been revirginized, this Feb of 05 will
be one year since I have had sex. Me with my sex drive
what a miracle. What am I being punished for, oh yeah it's
a thing called being faithful, a trustworthy companion.
And yes you will be totally shocked, no sex toys or porn.
I try to release all that energy into killing myself at
work and burning myself out so I come home and pass out,
or shop in Chicago since I don't care for chocalate. I
have never seen myself this out of shape though. Yeah I
know there is a pretty face, but come on what happened to
my body, well back to the gym to remedy that. I am, so
fucking superficial it's pathetic. I have not been able to
save a dime lately, bills, shopping for gratification when
it only used to be sex for gratification.

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