Is This What It's All About ?
2005-02-06 16:09:08 (UTC)

The Marriages

Well in total I have calculated that I have lived with
both of my husbands for a very short time. With Asif,
being the deutiful daughter that I am went through with my
arranged marriage. Oh, what a delight have my ass draged
to Houston to be around a bunch of unaccepting foreigners
because he wanted a "Western" wife. Best of both worlds. I
dressed for every occassion, all formal unfortunately and
was torn apart for even wearing the wrong accessory.
Marrying a the grandson of a govenor is not so hot, little
did I know when I got married, go back to Bangladesh and
find out all you don't want to know. I saw some of the
family members treat their servants like shit, how can one
human belittle another, oh please shine my shoes while
they are on my feet before I leave the house and go to the
club. Charming..... Traveled all around Asia and I have
come to love some places, Singapore bring me home.

Sticking with the letter A must be a sickness, then ther
was Ahmed, met him in Dallas at the bank because he had a
complaint. I fell for him the minute I saw him, there was
no turning back. Believe it as it may sound insane, I met
him in November of 1999, and did not start going out with
him until March of 2000. Still trying to detangle myself
from Michael, the mistake of a lifetime, sorry Leo can't
watch any of your movies anymore you two look two much
alike, and people wonder about my adversity to blondes, oh
my poor mother, thank god she is s redhead now.
Well I finally feel alive inside again, now having made
the decision to divorce him. I am in some what of a stuper
when I tell someone and they are yeah !!! it's about time.

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