Is This What It's All About ?
2005-02-06 15:56:16 (UTC)

Elm Grove

Well I applied for the Elm Grove office, I know it's in
the bag. I feel so bad for my staff at New Berlin, yes I
said my staff. There will be no buffer there any longer
among the troops. Thereare going to be only two people
that I actually miss leaving, can you guess who ? John &
Steve, John for his witty comeback & his iq, it's nice to
have an intellectual conversation and use words that he
understands, unlike the cave people of the country I work
with, oh shame on me. Well Steve is a totally different
case, I have not let my guard down in an eternity and I am
letting him in little by little. Even as a friend I do not
want to get hurt, he is a gentleman in every sense of the
word. But I am afraid to get too close because I almost
feel that he does not have room in his life for another
friend. Maybe taking a chance and opening up again won't
kill me. Everyone I know says I am so guarded, but then
why does everyone else matter ? Well at least you want a
couple of people attending your funeral right ?

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