Banana Man's Thoughts
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2005-02-06 15:23:52 (UTC)

SuperBowl Morning

Yah! Today is the SuperBowl. I sent an email to Meme and
Papa saying all the updates. I want the Eagles to win
soooo badly! GO EAGLES!!!!! We are having a cookout with
just the four of us. Nate I think is going to a SuperBowl
party....well I mean he doesn't live with us anymore so
yah. I really don't know his plans...

EAGLES ALL THE WAY!!! Me and Ann want Eagles!! But
Kit....she is evil and going for the Patriots....A.k.A The

Okay so Hiedi is doing great in that temporary fence thing
in the Garage. Of course we are making her a better
one...this one is just chicken fencing we have
climp up and over it using this step ladder...very fun
getting poked in the butt. Fehu has spent almost every
night in my room. He loves that Queen sized bed! He also
sleeps on the end table next to my bed. He is so wierd.
Cosmo...well...He is okay but he attacks me cuz I dont
usually spend time with him..ya know..Im the fehu person.
We Cosmo is Hilarious too!!! I mean is soo much
fun playing with Cosmo. Okay I have to go. Tameara and
Nick are not going out anymore.
Alyssa told me that at Amy's Party Nick and Kayla talked
and they are going back out again...poor Tameara. They
made such a good couple too.

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