My lil life!
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2005-02-06 15:05:05 (UTC)

Feb06 All bout Coney

Dear Diary,

Today’s Sunday I have a fucking quiz by 10:30 am. It is a
make-up quiz actually. Electromag’s the subject and im not
sure quite sure how I did, it could go either way, i studied
for the exam but then the questions were a bit tricky. I
think I did well but I just have to wait for the result
before I celebrate or sob.

Cleaned my room and this some accounting. Damm the house is
broke and so am I. its just the end of week 1 and im already
broke. As for the house, well we spent a lot onm the dogs
and I borrowd out a lot of money to Sade cause her pops
hasn’t sent her money yet, so if she pays up it will be ok,
as of now I cant pay all the bills when they arrive.

Coney’s still texting me that she needs help with her school
fees and tuition. I used to have a crush on her way back
2002 when she was in manila but ever since she had family
problems and had to quite school for a while I felt sorry
for her. I heard she’s now in the province and is having
financial problems. So she mailed me sometime last year
asking for help and asking me to keep it discreet. Well at
that point I was more than happy to her out. sent her like
2k initially. Then we became really close. I never had and I
still don’t have any intention of taken advantage of her,
she’s a good friend of my cousin and she really nice. And
now she could loss the education and future because of
something above her. So I realy don’t mind helping her out.

In the next few months she text me sh’s needs money for some
things regarding school and at times I even borrow and go
broke just to help her out. then a time came it became like
a normal thing. She’s always asking and she dosnt text me or
call or write or anything only when she’s in need. I begun
to feel like I was being used. Well how wouldn’t. I had
problems with my mom and told her about it. I needed someone
to talk to but she wasn’t interested. Im only her friend
when I sent money.

This new way Im seeing her really contrast the Coney I
remember and used to know before. So whenever I think of her
now and remember her before, I try to convice myself that
she’s the same as before.

Well this time around she apparently really needs money
badly, she’s been texting be for the past one week and said
I was broke up she wouldn’t give up. I remember the first
time I promised her she can count on me but I still feel
like a fool.

Tomorrow I gonna sent a money from my saving. Call me stupid
but I just a nice guy. I’m not 100% sure the playing or
taking advantage of me, of course I have every right to be
suspicious but that just what it is. I don’t know what
exactly is going on over here and I don’t wana jugde her
like that. God knows im just trying to help her up from the
warmth of my heart but I pray she isn’t taking advantage of
me cause I wouldn’t even dream of taking advantage of her.
So tomorrow I’l send her some cash to help her pay her fees.

I watched Fahrenheit 9/11. hmmm.. I have lots of comments
but im afraid that would have to be another day. I’ll share
my opinions some other time.

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