My lil life!
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2005-02-06 15:04:14 (UTC)

Feb05 And she left..

Dear Diary,

Today’s Saturday and “honey’s” leaving today for New
Zealand. I woke up early got set and went to the airport to
see them off. Had to wait for about 2hours plus for them to
check-in their luggage and come out. I had like 1-2 hours to
get to know ‘honey’ more. Mixed feelings there, somehow her
sister was more relaxed and said a lot more than she did. I
just couldn’t tell what was in her mind. Well she’d be back
end of this year that’s if thing go well.
Somehow I was wondering if I should be there at all. I felt
I had to. I mean I wanted too.

Went to da gym later at night.. Feeling really weird. I
gata focus now.. come on boi…

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