Enter Her Mind...
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2005-02-06 15:03:00 (UTC)


okay, so today i'm going to a chinese new year party....
(i'm vietnamese) lol....not really in the mood to go but i
guess it will be nice to see all my cousins, friends and
whatnot. i'm so sick and tired of getting blamed for
everything, fcuk if you are gonna point your finger at me,
make sure you know who did it first...then after you
realize im angry you decide to suck up to me. how

anyways i started my second semester, and i absolutely
hate it! i'm around people that i'm not that close with.
my classes are so simple and easy but why do they have to
be so boring! can i live with 5 months of boredom in the
same classrooms 24/7! omg i dont think i can do that..but
then again this is only the beginning...maybe im judging
to fast..but from the looks of the first day, it is going
to suck! life is getting better...yesterday was my last
day at my was so hard for me to actually
decide to leave, but then again i met some of the best ppl
there who gave me great friendships! i worked there for 1
year and 3 months..and i guess it was not bad at all...i
actually enjoyed it, but at the moment i'm looking forward
to be jobless for awhile! LOL =)

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