oh The AGONY!!!
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2005-02-06 14:38:53 (UTC)

a lot has happened..

daniel and I broke up. it`s all for the best. I think we made better friends
before all this sleeping together nonsense. that`s not to say I didn`t feel
sore about the break up right after it happened. we were supposed to share
a room during some mandatory workshops in chiba, but instead I had to take
a two hour trainride to kanagaya to sleep on the cold floor of ana`s. yeah, it
was rough goings at first. I`ve been spending a lot of time with the girls.
they help me keep my mind elsewhere and not dwell on the past. I met
caroline last weekend in roppongi, and we went to the history of louis vuitton
exhibit together. then we met ana and alicia for dinner. ana wanted to have
one drink at this club, quest, an australian themed bar. we met some
japanese men who spoke a fair amount of english, and danced. we ended up
missing the last train back to funabashi so an allnighter could hardly be
quest got lame, so we ended up back on the street consulting the map.
suddenly caroline saw a place she recognized from the motley crew book she
just finished reading. they used to hang out at the Lexington Queen when
they played tokyo. so off we go. ¥2000 cover, but free drinks all night which
wasn`t too bad. ana is instantly flirting with a japanese johnny depp look
alike. I`m in a really bad mood. just generally tired and grumpy. but kelis`
milkshake comes on and I`m rejuvinated. there must have been an anorexic
french model convention in town because the place was swarming with them.
I was feeling self conscious. I was the only girl with glasses. I wasn`t
dressed to impress, having not realized we`d be clubbing. so I didn`t think
anyone would notice me.
having said that, I was wrong. a japanese boy in a brown shirt with red
capital letters that say "LEFTISM" starts talking to me. it`s hard to hear him,
and his english is kinda awkward, but we work through it. I tell him I`m from
chicago. He says his favorite band tortiose is from there. how the hell does
he know tortiose?! I say I like his shirt, and he says he made it. I`m begining
to feel very impressed, the more we talk about music, and he`s telling me
how cute I am, I think we`re connecting. he gives me his e-mail. we talk and
hold hands. he kisses my cheek, and the last song they played at 5 when the
club closed was aerosmith`s don`t want to miss a thing. the lights were out
and he took me to the center of the dancefloor. he was singing terribly along
with steve tyler, but it was fucking adorable. I was pretty drunk, but having
the best time. he tried to kiss me on the mouth, but my hair was in the way.
we said goodbye, and it could have ended at that.
ha ha, but it didn`t. I e-mail him on monday saying hey, it`s me, the girl
with the glasses. can we spend more time together? he writes back he`d like
that, but doesn`t know how to act around me without alchohol. ouch. I
respond, that`s cool. can we be friends? even so, you don`t have anything
to be nervous about. you already know I like you. anyways, I wasn`t
expecting much after that. to my surprise, things got much better from
there. he said he wanted to see me again and we made a date for this
saturday, yesterday. I was to meet him at the ICC at 3. I took the train up to
Caroline`s in hasunuma on friday night, picked out my perfect cute outfit.
black patterned tights, brown skirt, light blue and white striped hoodie, and
my pink corduroy blazer with a heart broach. I was blindingly adorable. and
an hour late. i spent too long trying to decide what present to bring him.
caroline said I definitely needed a present. it`s the japanese way. I bought
him some hersheys chocolate, my favorite. then I got lost in shinjuku. i
thought he`d leave and that would be that. I get his correct number instead
of the miscellanious one I`d been calling. He`s still waiting. I hall ass
through the subway and finally arrive, sweaty and out of breath. He seemed
really uncomfortable at first. definately irritaded I was so late. He pays for
our tickets to the show and is walking three feet ahead of me, darting around
and speaking with the employees in Japanese. I have no idea what`s going
on. finally he slows down and begins to relax. he explains to me he was
trying to figure out which exhibits were in english so I could understand. we
end up having a great time. one of the pieces was incredible. it`s so hard to
describe. we had to wait in line because it could only be set up for three
people at a time. first you enter a small room with three stools, three
hangers and three hampers. you put your stuff away and sit down. then
you`re outfitted with a virtual reality headset and backpack. a clip goes on
your ear to monitor your heartbeat. you and the two other people enter a
completely dark room. the other participants show up on the monitor as
spheres. when your sphere gets closer to theirs it turns purple. when you`re
about to hit them, it turns a bright red. you can only hear the other two`s
heartbeats, not your own. it was an amazing experience, and I can`t do it
justice. almost all the works were interactive to some degree. he took me to
each one and watched me have fun. afterwards we walked to dinner and
found out we have a lot in common. And I`d never been on a date before
where I didn`t pay for anything. it was incredible! he bought dinner and
drinks. I was getting a little tipsy. I accidentally missed the last shuttle from
the airport to hasanuma, so we decided to hang out all night. he suggested
going to his place and listening to music. I knew where things would go, but
I was so curious about him and I felt like going along with it. he had an
amazing md collection and an itty bitty apartment. he played some japanese
bands for me. I called caroline and told her I wouldn`t be making it there
tonight. after I got off the phone, things started happening pretty quickly. it
was a little too fast for me, so I tried to have him slow down. I knew we
would have sex. I wanted to, but part of me wanted to wait. I was hesitant
from all the rumors I`ve heard about japanese men having small penises. but
yohsuke`s was huge!! it`s bigger than most of the white boys I`ve been
with, so don`t you believe it ladies. the sex was actually pretty good. we did
it three times. He could have kept going, but that was enough for me and I
had to get going. he has such kissable cheeks. he`s really attractive, albeit
he`s really really skinny. why do japanese boys have to be so fucking
skinny?!!! I just got home, and it`s 11:30. I want to call him, but I think I`ll
wait until he does first. I have more to say about all this, but I`m tired
(didn`t sleep much last night) and I have to get up early for work. wow.
that`s really lame of me, but I just can`t be bothered right now trying to
figure this one out when I`m so sleepy.