Miss Thang

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2005-02-06 07:55:44 (UTC)

bah hum bug......la la la la

well me and eryn went out last night..... and i saw michell
butwell i hadn't seen her in like 4 years and she was like
my adopted sister growing up i was so stoked to see
her....and then craig and pauly came dwon too so it was
like a reunion for me.... it was a good night.

Eryn picked up some dustin guy he was really really nice
yet she persists on picking nathan over every nice guy she
has had since him so i give up trying to help her not to
get hurt like i did because she will get hurt over and over
again by this fuckstain pathetic excuse for a man and i
will be the one who has to pick up the pieces but this is
the final straw if he hurts her again i don't care if eryn
hates me afterwards i will go absolutely mental at the
cunt.... and i don't care i would rather lose eryns
friendship and know i have saved her the pain that i had to
go through then sit back and watch it happen over and over
again.... thats not friendship.....

but neh its fucking hot and its like 6pm!! and it feels
like the middle of the day its that fucken hot i'm going to
go and sit on the patio outside in the cool i will go into
more detail about this night later when i cool down a abit

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