Autum's Leaves
2005-02-06 04:54:39 (UTC)

Protest 05

Alright, so writing out of complete and utter
boredom...WHY?!?! Why does life have to be so tedious at
times. I should pick up some bad habit that comsumes all
my time...wait *stares at computer*...

Anyways, the Protest!

So, I went with NOW (National Organization for Women)to
the Inaguration of our daring-est president (please detect
my sarcasm)whom I did see. Regardless, we got to DC at
about 2:30 in the morning. It sucked my
nuts...figuratively speaking...especially since I don't
really have any. Got breifed and went to bed, in some guys
living room. Got to the metro and joined the New Orleans
Funeral March. It was SO great! The band played the people
danced, the signs flashed, the camera's clicked. It was
breath taking. 20,000 people (a shabby number to me, but
wow, was in incredible to be there)all came out to protest
various things, ratial equality, sexual equality
especially. Mostly people were there to protest the war
and the usless killing going on over there. To enlighten
yourself read some Mareen Dowd. She's one of the best left
columnists I've ever read. Travelled to security and we
just so happened to be where the Bush supporters were. You
can only imagine the tension that flared up between
people. You really had to practice restraint, especially
with people who purposely tried to egg others on. But,
moving on, the motorcaide crept closer and closer, while I
was surrounded by Busihes in cowboy hats, and then
suddenly I look up and there he is. The damn moron
himself. So, I snap a picture and then flick him off.
Afterwards, we all sat down and mourned in our different
ways, some cried, some smoked a cigarette, I just stood
there and though about how doomed we were. Can America
really pull itself out of the hole it is soon to be dug
in? When we attack Iran, will we have any allies left? Our
administration has left good people to die, the working
man to rot, those that are different are cast aside due to
an uncompassionate, uncomprehending oligarchy. I only have
a fear that the American people are supporting
administration that will bring the downfall of our society
as we know it.

There are ways you can help. The best way is just to be
educated. Read the newspaper, watch the news, watch
documentaries, listen for fear tactics. Everyone has the
ability to know, don't be a slave to ignorance.

*shrugs* So that's my tirade...I think that's how you
spell it. I don't feel like waiting for Josh to IM me back
with the correct spelling or connotation. He made a 1600
on the SAT, I really trust him with shit like this.

Enjoy the night!