void deck
2005-02-06 04:36:27 (UTC)

updates, nothing new, actually

February is a month of birthdays. Lik Yin, Han Lun, Erick,
Linsey, Ferry, Kresna, Virgenia... and some others I could
not remember right now.

I went to watch Mocca performing at Esplanade yesterday
night. It was an entertaining show and I am really proud
of them. The vocalist has a really unique voice.. she's
really cute. Not a stunning beauty but certainly a really
adorable one.

It has been a really tiring weekend with lotsa good food.
NYDC, California Pizza Kitchen and Fish & Co. Got me
really tired. Decided to stay at home for Sunday. Need to
recharge and do my work.

I am very interested in literature but I must say I am
scared that I could not pass that subject. I have no
experience in it and have never written an essay on
literature. Have one due on friday. Gosh...

SADness really gets on my nerves. It can seize me at the
worst of times and best of times. Need regular endorphine
dose everyday.

It's no longer about an unrequited love. It's really about
me. Myself. My dissatisfaction of life. My not letting go
of the past. My problems. My losing faith in religion.

I don't know.