Banana Man's Thoughts
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2005-02-06 03:40:55 (UTC)


Banana Man Feels- Nuetral

Sam actually signed on today. That is like a miracle or
whatever. Well...she is different..very different. I miss
the old Sam. She claims the old Sam is gone...I think
there still might be a piece of the old Sam left.
Maybe..She is worrying me but I am so glad she is back. XD

I need to start getting my uniform for chorus. Solo and
Ensemble is this Saturdy. Not good. We are too lazy to get
up and get the stuff we need. That's more like my family.

My Dad says that we can order some of my bedding soon.
Yippee!I am going to have my dream room! Bit by bit of
course but that is better than blah.

Banana Man

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