do U hear me 813

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2005-02-06 03:40:21 (UTC)

My Day..

Hey!! Kit here..ugh..can't I just die!? Hehe! Anyways!!
Today was an..okay day!! Lot's of problems goin on and so!!
So yeah!! Anyhoo!! I got up this morning and go to the
computer just sit there and my brother comes bashing into
my room yelling at me where my parents and sister was! And
well..I didnt know! So he was yelling at me and everything!
Turns out that my parents and sister went out for breakfast
with out me and my brother! They are so meah!! Haha!!
Anyways.. I sit on the computer I talked to Ann, Amber,
Kyle for like 1 minute!! lol and others!! Ann and I were
actin like the goofs that we are! Haha!! Well then she(ann)
starting singing this "llama song" that her and kyle just
love!! haha!! And of course everytime..well most of the
time.. when ann says duck she says "dick".. lmao!! o well!!
lol!! Anyhoo..our friend SAM came back!! And we were al so
happy that she came back!! We all missed her sooooo much!!
We were very worried about her!! GLAD UR BACK SAM!! hehe!
lol!! Then around.. rom 9:00pm-10:30pm and it's still going
on me ann and amber were in a chat!! We were talkin in the
Languages: German, Italian, French and others!! And haha
omg!! I almost had a died of laughter at some of
them!! ...measuring..haha lmao!! amber and ann know wut i
am talking about!! Haha!! And well around 8 tonight I went
to the video store..and i saw
STEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!! and I pushed my mom
and brother out of the damn store so they wouldnt embarress
or w/e me!! and my mom goes "dont u want to go give steven
a kissy?" and im like "Hell no"!! God...she can be mean at
times!! lol!! Well I don't really know what else to put in
here! So, I'll make another entry tomorrow!! LAterz..u know
where to IM me at!!


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