Autum's Leaves
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2005-02-06 01:50:37 (UTC)

Yeah for Headbangers!

Listening to Classy Cowboy...They're so intense. I
recomend EVERYONE listen to them. They rock my socks...I
wish one of them would rock my bed.

Yes, so Autum needs to get laid. Just to get that out in
the open.

There was some flirtation and mention of me selling my
body for gas money. Completely supercilious though, sort
of. Haha.

Why are all Dan's nicknamed Dan the man?

Tonight is a random night. I've played PS2 all day when my
Sex in the City plan failed. Regardless, it's been fun.

Supposed to see my ex tomorrow. I'd bet anyone a million
dollars it won't happen, but hey.

So, yes, still haven't talked about the protest yet. If
you're a Bushie, best advised not to read my stuff. I'm
not the right wing type. But, that's a story for
later...or whenever I feel like typing it.

Yum, tea.