All the big things...instead of the smal
2005-02-06 01:30:59 (UTC)

1st ~~ now she understands

OK so im so in love with roy allen. But i
just started to realize no matter how much i tell him i
like him and no matter how much he tells me he likes me, it
will go no where. I will never move to Idaho and he will
never come back to Cali. It sucks but i just started to
realize this. I guess thats a good thing to realize now
instead of the dood just stop talking to me. I guess it
would be time to think about actually dating. Yeh i would
hate to start doing it cuz i would hate to see him pissed
or hurt but he needs to realize to. Long term shit never
works and if i was to move up there that would be so
stupid. What if he was to change his mind? i would be stuck
up there not knowing anyone and that would really blow. So
it comes to the end. Im seeing my ex tonight...the one i
had to break up with cuz i moved to chico...well now that i
live back in sacto weve been talking...which is cool. He
shows alot of affection toward me. and hes hot ;D neways i
gotta talk to roy whenever he stops ingnoring me and see
what his problem is.