to all thats listening
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2005-02-06 01:27:11 (UTC)

Not Sure!

Yeah i know its been a few days since ive written last,
its just nothing really much has been happening.. and
nothing isnt really happening now.. im just bored.. and
alone on saturday night.. isnt that great.. well lets see
hather and ashley came over last night and visited for a
while it was fun we went out to eat.. and these hot guys
pull up and ask us for directions so i tell em.. im so
nice.. but they were SMOKIN'.. i mean wow.. well anyways
we go to Rams Horn and eat dinner.. fun times i swear it i
miss em.. i dont know how i can ever lve without them two
i swear it.. well lets see we get back here and do some
crazy things then greg comes over for an hour cuz of the
holy countys thing.. well then he left and hather and
ashley left that was all for friday night.. Now saturday
greg came over at like 9 to drop off directions to Lanse
Creuse but ive already been there so i didnt need em.. it
was just for just in case purposes only.. well hmm got up
took a shower then i woke up shawna to go tanning before
countys... well then i went to countys it started at 11..
and it didnt get over until 3.. man it was soo long
sitting in a pool area for 4 hours.. i got a headache half
way through the thing.. but ahh who cares right.. well
anyways came home then we went to Logans for dinner.. with
the swim team and some parents it wasnt tooo bad i
suppose.. well anyways he dropped me off at home and here
i am . bored as can be.. Welp i have nothing else left to
say in here.. later

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