Cleaning the Attic
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2005-02-06 01:08:24 (UTC)

A Few Scattered Clouds

Sat. February 5, 2005

Some clouds in today’s picture but still a lot of sunshine.
I can feel my mood has been pummeled a bit, and I hate to
end a day on a sour note. I needed to get out today, to
inhale some fresh air and spread some sunshine on my face,
but that didn’t happen. Julie’s schedule is such that she
works Saturdays and so I am indoors with Mia. I didn’t even
bother to change out of my housecoat. It was a lazy sort of
day and so, come midday, Mia and I took our wonder naps,
which did us a world of wonder—both of us.

Come early evening, Julie and Mia and Nacho left for Ft.
Dodge. Nacho invited me to go but Julie didn’t. She had
been rather short with me for just about anything and
everything so I didn’t feel like going along this trip.
Julie has that biting tongue that stings terribly when it
lashes out. I’d like to say I don’t think she means to hurt
people but that’s not the case—she means every hateful word
she says. I do have to say she’s been under more emotional
stress lately than she can tolerate and panic attacks have
set in more and more frequently, causing her to seek help.
Her appointment is the 11th. Bravo, Julie, for being

I reconnected with an old and dear friend and neighbor
today over the internet. We chatted for quite awhile and
did a good job of catching up on the pressing issues of our

That's it for tonight. Toodles.