Diary of a Teenage Drama Queen
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2005-02-05 19:25:04 (UTC)

February 5, 2005

Dear C,

Alright.. now to fill you in on everything in a short
amount of time.. On Thursday we got a new girl in our
school, Rachel, and I stupidly invited her to church with
us.. little did I know her family came here for her Dad to
be a minister at another church in our town!! DUMB BECK!
DUMB DUMB DUMB! but despite that I think Rachel didn't mind
too much.. maybe I can finally get the best friend I've
wanted for so long..

This afternoon my friend Kalen and I are going babysittin
for Gilberts. We're going to bring Ryan and Avory Renee
home to my house (across the field) and play on my swing
set.. cause it is a nice day.. well for February I mean..
it's almost 50 and the sun is out.. and the Ground hog
didn't even see his shadow so spring is on the way!

Bel had her babies this week. Kendall Brooklyn and Maddison
Emma.. and they're adorable!!! Well gotta run..
Yours, Beck