2005-02-05 17:25:13 (UTC)

febuary 4 2005

im sorry i havent riten in so long... its just that so much
has been going on....
my mom has gone to her court thing again and my dog was
toto in the wizard of oz school play... and last but not
least our house got broken into... ok well i won an essay
ish contest and well i had to read it at church. well my
mom came. she said she would be back at lunch to bring me
some food. so she went home and all and she saw a rock on
our front porch. she though this is odd. she walked in the
front door. herd something fall, and saw the back door dead
bolt up and right then, she knew there was something wrong.
she got this utter feeling and right then, saw someone run
through our dinning room, she screamed bloody merder. she
startled him so much that he froze and stood there for
about 30 seconds. she ran out of the front door and he ran
for the back. she continuded screaming and got just about
the whole neighborhoods attention. the cops came just about
10 minutes later. police! lol and so then the decttive came
and dusted and finger printed in the mean time i am at
school, i knew that my mom said she would be there at about
11 for me and when it was 11:30 i freeked. she wasnt there
and it was getting later. i dont know what time she got
there but i was glad when she did. she told me that when
she went home she came in to 2 ppl robbing our house. and
so she was sad and she said her throat hert and all and
then she described it to me. he was wearing a blue and wite
shirt, and a brown vest. they were black males with short
hair about in their early 20s but too old to be in high
school. well when she told me that of course i told my
friends and then bagged her to let me go home for the day.
so she did. my aunt came with her to my lunch and i was
like awh they care so much for eachother. i know that my
moms family really cares about our family and they really
want us to be ok. well when going home we seached for
things missing. we saw my brothers dvd player, my tablet
laptop comp, they attempted to steal my sis stareo they
knocked everything off of it and moved it out. they stole
her wallet she just switched wallets to her new one so she
was happy they thew her wallet out in the yard and got a
chair put it up to our fense and they went over with the
stuff and got into the get a way car under the car port
next door to the appartments. when i came home and the cops
were gone my mom showed me where they had broken into and
they slit the front screen and we left the window open just
about an inch or two. so, they lifted it up and climbed
through it. before that they tried to crash the glass out
with the rock in our door but they cracked it but they
didnt get in because the bar thing over the door. im so
sorry that my mom had walked into this and i feel so bad
for her. this is so horrible. while we were talking about
this in her bedroom, we saw that her drugs were all gone
(she is on workmens comp and she had hevy narcodics or w/e)
yeah so they stole all of them that sell for about 20 bucks
a pill on the street. ok they phone is ringing. bye
xoxo serena

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