Stoned Out Butterfly
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2005-02-05 16:42:15 (UTC)

Saturday 2/5/05

Well last night sucked. I went to the movies with Brianna.
Well the movie we were going to see was all sold out, so
we stood there trying to think of what to do. We decided
finally after like an hour to see The B-man or whatever
with her sister and her friends. While we were waiting for
the movie, we saw Morgan, Vici, and Rachel I guess her
name is. What all of them dont get is that I can't do a
lot of stuff they can, I'm not any fun at all and I don't
get why in the world they don't get that. My mom says I
can't do something, so I don't do it. She makes me cry in
front of my friends and you have no idea how that feels.
When my mom says I can't do something, then I don't do it.
I hate getting her mad because then she acts like I hate
her and she doesn't want anything to do with me. She was
already mad enough at me and prolly hated me last night
too, and I don't blame her. I'm a horrible person and I
know that. I'm never going anywhere again with any of
my 'friends'. I swear this happens all the time! They say
we should do something, then I call them to see where they
are at, and they are doing something else, not there, or
just don't want to go anymore. And you know what else? I
don't care if Christina or anyone reads this! Christina is
an annoying person who needs to grow up! She is so
annoying! Yeah Christina, of course nobody likes you! For
example lets take me liking Niles last year, shall we? We
were sitting at the lunch table and I told you I liked him
and I told you NOT to tell anyone because I just liked him
a little bit, not even that much really! You acted all
fine until you said "Oh and Lisa likes Niles and wants his
baby!". WHAT THE FREAKAZOID! Then she starts cracking up
and acts like she just said something she didn't mean to
say, but said anyways! I know she likes to do that, she
does it all the time! In science class, she will go "SHUT
THE HELL UP!", and then cover her mouth with her hands,
start laughing, and act like "OMG I can't believe I just
said that!" Christina, do you know how annoying that is,
every single day? I swear you are more immature than that
5 year old Andrew I babysit for! And lets talk about the
evil eye and seeing red thing! NOBODY GIVES A CARE ABOUT
want to say I feel so sorry for Alvis. I feel bad for him
because he has to put up with you, Christina, stalking,
worshiping the ground he walks on, and obsessing over him!
Yeah Alvis, thats the reason I didn't want to go to the
movies with you and Christina because I hate seeing her
trying to lick you to death or something! Its freaking
nasty man, thats want my dog does, and I'll give Christina
the benifit of the doubt and say she isn't a dog! You know
I don't care about if you talk about Alvis, Christina, but
if you are going to obsessivly talk about him and
his "sexy body" I don't wanna hear about it! And I don't
know how he could like you on your personality! You now
have the worse personality I have ever known. You don't
know when to stop! Yeah, I am a mean person-but not to
everyone. You get on my bad side, I will be mean right
back to you. Ever wonder why I am nice to most people but
not to others? Its because they are nice to me, so I will
be the nicest person in the world to them. Now Christina,
this also has been bugging me-your looks! Now, you are
actually very pretty, well, use to be anyways. Maybe if
you would learn how to bring a brush to school and brush
your hair a few times during school, NOT put eyeliner on
your eyes so it comes out all crooked like, get a slight
tan, you will look a little better. You make me wanna
scream a lot of times, but I don't, because if I did I
would brake some windows. You also get way too caught up
in things. You run around the school looking for people to
stalk, and jumping up and down. Oh my gosh, grow up
Christina, in like, 4 or 5 months you will be out of
middle school and then soon following in high school! We
only got a few more years to go and we are out, so grow up
or your going to be lost. Its fine to joke around every
once in a while, but not 24/7. Now thats that covered lets
talk about your patheticness. You act like the world is
gone for you when you get a hurt feeling for like 5
minutes. Quit saying people hate you, the word "hate"
means nothing. I say it a lot but I don't mean it a lot of
times. I swear someone says shut up to you and the world
has ended for you, your way too overly dramatic Christina.
You don't know the meaning of being depressed, sad, or
desperate. Lets compare you to some people, okay? Okay,
you have both parents that really love you, two sisters,
you live in a really nice house, a lot of people like you
but your just annoying sometimes, you had or have a
boyfriend that liked you for you, and have really good
grades. Stuff like that matters a lot. In my life, I only
have a mom who gets mad at me a lot, I live in a house
that needs a lot of repairs, my grades aren't great, my
dad raped my sister when I was 2, I haven't seen my dad
since I was 3 years old so I haven't seen him in 12 or 13
years, and I don't get along with people well. My friend
Jay lives with his grandparents, lives in a worse house
than I do, has Hapatitus B, and gets beat up all the time.
Quit being so dramtic Christina your life isn't that bad.
Alright I'm done...for now.

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