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2005-02-05 16:18:17 (UTC)

My Diary

Hello, my diary! To be true, I've always wanted one for a
long time. I want it because it's a good way to express
how I feel and write down what I do every day. But, every
day? It is difficult for me to keep writing every day. I
am lazy. I am a typical Gemini. I only enjoy new things
maybe for a few days. But, after some time, I may like it
again. Anyway, I will try my best to put some words every
day in this diary. Sometimes, I think it will be very
interesting for me to read it again, when I grow up. So,
it pushes me to write. But, I don't know if I will be
brave enough to go through it at that time.

Okay! Let me start writing. Today, I was full. I had a
dish of spaghetti for my supper with my dad tonight. It's
tasty but it's too much. At first, I wanted to stop to eat
after I was nearly full. But, after I thought of the
tsunami victims, I ate all. I don't want to waste things.
Such thought has always come across in my mind these days.
Anyway, it's a good habit of not to waste things.

Good Night!