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2005-02-05 15:29:02 (UTC)

The Right One

Have you ever wounder when god was gonna send you the
right guy? Well i wounder everyday of my life...I havent
dated since agust and some times i feel lonely. I did meet
his one guy BUT hes in texas but he is so sweet but he
said hes going to come see me in April and i cant wait...i
just hope hes the right one for me

Hes everything a girl could ask for in a guy...Tall nice
sweet good looking..He has a big plus in my book cause he
has his tounge pierced and his eyebrow pierced..but hes so
sweet to me and thats all that matters to me.

I just hope we are meant to be together! But i guess well
see where april takes us..But im gonna sign out for now
till i get more news for you diary


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