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2005-02-05 14:41:21 (UTC)

Tiffy;'s Diary XXXI........6:15!!!!!..My eyes are likely to be punched..very black ...

Today,I woke up at about 6:15 early ar...But
nevermind la..i need to go back to my pirmary school to
help it is ok...When I went back to school,it was
only 7:30a.m so I talked to my sister classmates for a
whil,then help my ex-teachers..I was responsible for a
game stall...the people should stand behind the yellow
line and try to use a magnetic stick to stick a paper clip
and the paper clip was stuck to a when people
use the magnetic stick to suck the paper clip...then they
will get the candies...It was so fun...I should be
helping..but after that I played at least 10 times ....I
am so low B....Then I went to have lunch with my ex-
classmates and 1of my classmate,Michelle...After that I
went home and started to play com.....
YA...the com. is going to hang soon..because I on it from
3p.m to now...(10:40p.m)...I am afraid that it would be
spoilt by I need to shut