~~~~~~~HeLeN'z DiArY (o'_~o)~~~~
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2005-02-05 08:11:39 (UTC)

hey folks here is the update (finally)

yay finally i can get to write my diary again.... jeeez
life w/o computer sucks. owell i am using my hun's pc at
his work so it's all good. not much happened today i was
planning to go to school just to print out my bio notes and
study at little at the same time but my aunt wanted me to
take her to the docter so there my "plan" was cancelled.
she insisted that she needed my ride back home so there i
was waiting for the rest of the afternoon but couldnt stand
her so i went to ah yan's house to print the stuff out. had
dinner with the yau's sister and billy and gary and yoyo
came by. ah wah called and said he wanted to go back to his
office to finish up his work so here i come trying to keep
him company. it's all good i was reviewing some notes from
my future job and some bio stuff.

chinese new year is coming up next week so hopefully i can
gain some ching ching. i am HELLA BROKE =(

-sigh- i still can't believe i have been waiting for my
stupid aunt for 3 and a half hours for nothing. i mean at
least she could have shown some courtesy for calling me and
said she didnt need my ride (i assume) and stuff like that.
im really thinking about moving out again but i would feel
super duper guilty to just leave her hanging there. i guess
i will see.... if anything goes worse i will get myself
outta there. datz it for tonight. have an awesome wkend!

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