My Ruined Reputation
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2005-02-05 07:08:04 (UTC)



Have you ever felt the pain of betrayal,
The burning of the hurt inside?
I have.
Would you ever guess my life was a lie,
All made up, not a word of it true?
I would.
Have you ever known what it's like to be pushed aside,
Thrown around like an old toy?
I do.
I know all of these things,
For this is what I live,
What I breathe and what I speak.
And after all of it you think
"Was it really worth it?"
Well my answer is yes.
Out of all the toture, the fear, the unbearable hate,
I would never go back and change a thing.
Because if I did,
I would never have found you.

--Ellen B.

Dedicated to Jacob(Stent)...from so long ago. Thank you so
much for helping me as much as you did, even though you
may not have realized how much you really did do.

(I wrote this too...back off!)