My Ruined Reputation
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2005-02-05 07:02:50 (UTC)

A Curse By Any Other Name

Today was a little bit better. School was ok even though I
can't remember much of it right now. All I remember is
that My butt touched Eric Muratory's face when I was
getting a soda from a vending machine haha. I knew he was
there but I though he had moved! I told Jasmin and she was
like "Never wash your butt again! I..I'd touch it but then
that'd just be wrong..." And then me and Jasmin ditched
4th period which for me was Biology and for her was PE. So
no real loss for both of us. We went down the street and
walked all the way down Buenos Flores or whatever that
street's called and sat behind a truck the whole time till
lunch. It was really comfy actually. But the only thing is
that we couldn't hear the bell when it rung so we thought
everyone was still in class so we were like 15 minutes
late for lunch lol. But ya...last 2 classes were ok, even
though I can't really remember what happened in them
either. Then Jasmin came home with me and we went into
town to the pizza place again where we know people that
work there lol. And in the bathroom I did like 2 lines of
meth...So yes that's why I can't remember much. Then we
came out and started to watch TV until Joey came out and
we were gonna buy drinks but he gave them to us for free.
^_^ Awww. He's so nice. And We only met him a week ago.
But then we only met Rodger that day we were there when he
was working and he gave us free pizza. But then I knew who
he was because he's Jacob's(PuP) friend so I was like "Hey
I know you!" And then Joey gave us the TV again lol. He
knows us so well for only having met us one time before.
And then we made him give us fake flowers that were on top
of the salad bar thing hehe. And then just as we were
about to leave Montana walked in! And we found out he
works there too! I was like wow...Haha. So many people
work there...More free food for us! ...Even though neither
me or Jasmin are hungry at all most of the time. And ya so
we walked back to my house (which was hard for me by then
because the stuff had started to take affect) and I was
like falling off the sidewalk and stuff. When we got back
we went into my room and started watching cartoons online.
Ya, ya...I'm a loser, I know...Go ahead and rub it in!
lol. Then dinner came...omg...I usually never talk at
dinner. At all. But tonight I was talking like there was
no fucking tomorw. Then when no one was looking Jasmin
mouthed to me "Your eyes!" And then I remembered and I
didn't look up for the rest of dinner lol. When I got back
into my room I looked in the mirror and was like OH SHIT!
You could barely see any green anymore. Or
yellow...whatever color you want to call them. Then we
read each other's poems (Ok yes I know we're sad but it
just kinda came up!) She's about the only person that's
read ALL of them. I've shown maybe one or two of them to a
couple people. But those were only the ones that I thought
were really good and weren't too...depressing or whatever.
And I read all her poems. Well the ones in the notebook
she had with her. I guess she takes it to school and
everything with her so her mom won't find it and read it
again. I'm sooo glad my mom doesn't go through my room and
all my notebooks and stuff...I would be in a mental
hospital by now.

Well you all knew this was coming...The most depressing
part of my day. I found out that Heather moved out of
Fallbrook again...She had only been here like what? A
month? And I only saw her once during all that time...God
I miss her so much. I mean ya, she's my best friend still
and always will be but I miss her so much and I hardly
ever talk to her anymore...


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