The Truth Will Out
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2005-02-05 06:58:57 (UTC)

New Diary

As per usual, I have started a diary.
I don't know how long it will last or whether I'll write
in it every week like I intend to.
Right now it's 7.55am and I should be asleep, but I
haven't slept yet tonight, I'm doing a strange body clock
reversed sleeping pattern thing again. I suppose I AM a
student after all.
I've got the most important exam of my life up to now on
Monday, and I've hardly done any revision. I'll spend all
day tomorrow doing it (promise). Anyway Dave is coming
round to help me so he'll force me to do some.
I've tried to donate to the site but my paypal account
doesn't seem to want to recognise me. I'm sure I've got
the email address and password right. I'll sort it out
tomorrow anyway.
It's light and the birds are singing, guess I'd better get
a few hours kip before all that amazing studying tomorrow.