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2005-02-05 06:27:05 (UTC)

I Am So Excited and Happy

Ok technically it's Saturday, but I'm going to be writing
like it's still Friday night because work was really busy,
and I got so dirty that I took a shower when I got home and
it wasn't until after midnight by the time I got on here!

OMG...I had to work tonite and guess who fuckin texted
me!? Adam!!! Omg. It was great. I was so happy, I'm
starting to think that he really does like me, I really,
really hope so!!!! Maybe this'll be more than a crush!?
He just asked me wat was up and that he was sorry I had to
be at work and wondering what time that I got off. So I
didn't get it until we had closed (but still cleaning) and
so I quickly texted him back saying how we had just closed
and that I'd probably be out of there at 10:30ish. Then he
texted me back saying that it sucked that it would take me
so long to get out of work, but it's cool that I'd be
getting extra money! Which definitely a benefit! And he
also asked in the 2nd text, if we were still going to a
movie tomorrow nite. And obviously I was still working so
I couldn't texted him back, and then at 10:30 he texted me
(we didn't get out till 10:45ish) saying that he was going
to bed and that he hoped work wasn't too back and that he'd
call me before he went to work tomorrow (which is at 2pm)
and figure out the times for the movies and stuff and then
he said goodnight. Aww, omg, my heart is just melting for
him, it's so not funny! He's such a sweetie, and I can't
wait for the movies tomorrow night!

Ok so we're going to the movies tomorrow night, a big group
of us are suppose to. It's suppose to be me, Adam, Candi,
Sean, Jaime, and maybe Kyle (Candi's Boi) and then we were
all gonna spend the night at Adam's house after so we could
watch movies, well, now Candi said that she doesn't think
she's going to be able to spend the night, but she's
definitely make sure that she goes to the movies. And I
guess Sean isn't going to be spending the night either, so
that just leaves me, Adam and Jaime, and I love Jaime, but
I kinda hope she just goes home too! Then it'll be just me
and Adam in his supposedly "BIG" bed. It would be just too
perfect, except for one thing, I just got my period tonight
(a week earlier than expected) and that sucks cuz I can't
do stuff that I wana tomorrow night, but that does leave my
plan for Valentine's Day free and ready for a go, cuz my
plan is to lose my virginity this year on Valentine's Day,
and I was expecting to get my period just a day or two
before that big day, but with it being early, I won't have
to worry on whether or not I'm goin to have it on
Valentine's Day, cuz, now I won't! Yay! I always get my
period a week early wen I suppose to go somewhere with a
really cute boy! O well, it'll save me from doing
something that I know I shouldn't be doing! Well, the
movie that we're going to see is either going to be "Hide
and Seek" or "Boogeyman" so I'm excited. Jaime supposedly
went tonite to see "Hide and Seek" and then wanted us all
to see "Boogeyman" tomorrow, but I kinda wana see "Hide and
Seek" just because it's rated R and I'll be able to get
everyone in, since I'm 17. It's fuckin awesome! Well, I
have to get up early because I'm going to the conference
meet in the morning for wrestling at school and it starts
at 10am, but I have to wake up early to do laundry so that
I have clean clothes, so I'm gona get going to bed! I talk
to you as soon as I possilby can with details! ttyl