Just Me
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2005-02-05 04:32:11 (UTC)


today was ok. the day went by really quick. its really
just a blur. at the moment i'm a little preoccupied. well
today in history we watched a movie about the beginnings of
the cold war. it was actually pretty interesting. i like
the more modern stuff we learn in history. in geometry we
did proofs... again. actually they are pretty easy once you
know what you're doing. in english i had to work with
nicole and morgan for a HSPA thing... we actually worked
pretty well. in biology we just took notes and a quiz. i
failed... lol i got a 60, along with Kim and harsh. we
doubled kevin's score. he got a 30. lol. well around 6:50 i
went to gami to see the talent show with Kim and amanda. it
was pretty good. ashley was... wow. i'll have to tell her
how good she was in history on monday. Kim looked great
like always but i didn't tell her, i don't think she likes
hearing it. oh yeah, Kim, you weren't serious about what
you said were you? and you know what i'm talkin about. it's
very difficult to tell when you're being serious and when
you're joking. I HATE driving with my aunt. she never
thinks i'm capable of driving. i'm a lot better than her.
well its late so i'ma go now, BYE!!!!


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