Ma Thoughts n Stuff
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2005-02-05 01:59:35 (UTC)

Dat Date

It waz on feb2.. with.. ? lolz it was amazing doe.i think
i really like him.. we went to see.. uh i think it was
like Alone in the dark or sumthin i unno.. but hes
FINEEEEEEE lolz. i luv his lipz dey soo juicy n yummie
hehe lolz. n e wayz todaie i was at da TMFRC daycare in da
preskooler room. omgosh keon actually talke dlolz hez
kareems lil bro n i nvr hear dhim talk till todaie den La
shawna called me her friend.

Lol ma future kids {Ta'Shawn Jay Sankar}
{Winter Na'Shae Sankar}

3Jayy3 lolz. hes ma babi daddy
datz all 4 2day muah

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