2005-02-05 00:16:33 (UTC)

"I Love You"

I cannot even express
how much you mean to me.
You're like this perfect angel
only for me to see.
When my head is on ur shoulder
and all i see are tears
you keep my body close
as you listen to my fears.
I cannot even express
how much i'll love you forever
It's like my world is perfect
when we are always together.
I fall asleep at night
dreaming of you so close
and all i ever feel
is my heart pounding the most.
I cannot even express
what i think when time goes by
that all i'll do is love you
until the day I die.

~Caitlyn Hasek

I love you so much Sean! You really do mean the world to
me! I wanted this to be posted around Valentines Day but
i just couldn't wait. I wanted you to see it as soon as
possible even though it doesn't even come close to
expressing how much i love you! Lol, hope you like it!