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2005-02-04 22:23:59 (UTC)

A Gallery Showing







I am so excited. I just have to submit 10 photographs of
my work and they will consider me for the opening in
April. Granted it's only at my school's student gallery,
but it's still a big deal. A lot of people walk through
the University Center and will see my stuff! Sometimes
local gallery owners come in to see the exhibits. How
lucky would I be if someone saw my stuff, liked it, and
wanted me to do a show at their gallery? I know I am kind
of getting ahead of myself here, but that has been my
dream since I found out I could do art! I really really
want this! I would be so happy if I got this. But I don't
really have my best stuff to show them! My best stuff I
have given away as presents to family and friends and I
don't have time to do 10 new pieces!

Today marks the first day where I won't be taking my
pills. I didn't take my Wellbutrin this morning or this
after noon, I feel a little sleepy since they sort of give
me a little energy boost when I take them. And tonight
will be the first night I won't take the Depakote. Let's
see if I get any sleep. Although I think I might just
gradually go off that. I am currently taking 1000mg of it,
so I might just go down to 500mg (since my pills are 500mg
each) until I finish my current supply. Maybe I should do
that with the Wellbutrin too, until I finish the bottle.
That would probably be better in the long run I think. I
wonder what I will be like once I am off them. I have been
on them for almost 7 months now, I don't remember what I
was like before them really. I wonder if I will be able to
keep it together, keep my life together and still go back
to doing all the things the pills wouldn't let me do. We
shall see, if will all be documented in here, lol.

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